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i like heart-throbbing conversations, the kind of truth that makes you swallow your own spit in disbelief that such people with rawness still exist. i like honesty without words, how two lovers drown themselves in the eye of another. i really dig it when hearts beat fast, the blood chase in adrenaline makes me feel alive. falling in love is so terrifying but so liberating that i find something to fall in love with everyday. whether a word or detail on a page. a woman and her aesthetics, sometimes even myself. the process is gratifying, it helps me remember that it is okay to feel too much all at once because it’s in these moments – these very instants that hearts collide and birds sing.

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shrimp sinigang son.

i have a 24/7 craving for this tamarind-based soup with shrimp, tomatoes, onions, water spinach, ginger, serrano peppers, taro root, radish and a sprinkling of fish sauce because it reminds me so much of warmth, comfort and home. by the time my conference call was done last night, i looked up and watched r. stir the pot gently. the aroma of sour, salty and savory filled the house and my nostrils. the white rice was cooked and fluffy, waiting to be paired up with the soup. she turned around with a smile, and told me in tagalog that dinner’s ready. breathe. let me count the ways, the means & the chances because sweetie, you feel a lot like home to me.



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Nobody will ever love you as much as an artist can. On your worst days, they will find poetry in the knots of your hair.

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35 intense photos capture protesters’ struggle for Democracy in Hong Kong

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Jean-sebastien Pougnand 

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Boyd Alves & Ty Ogunkoya by Olgaç Bozalp | L’Officiel Hommes Germany Fall 2014

Styled by Rose Forde

i have not stopped loving that which is sacred in this world

here’s some albert camus highlights for your dash, as i sit here and contemplate things i’ve carried with me in the midst of heart shifts and unexpected changes: endless hope, fearlessness, a capacity to embrace growth in all forms and always — tender, tender love. 

(shouts to my mahal, r.)

sound of sleep (at the nest)

queer pinay last supper #tbt

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