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"the trouble is that many people believe that i’m a writer of fantastic fiction, when actually i’m a very realistic person and write what i believe is the true socialist realism." gabriel garcia marquez, the art of fiction no. 9

rest in peace, gabriel garcia marquez. i’ll never ever forget this: 

from one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite poets:

each time she reaches for her keys, she recalls what you must be willing to turn into for love: spiny oyster mushroom, damson, salt marsh, cedar, creosote, new bud of pomegranate, aegean sage blue sea, fig, blueberry, marigold, leaf fall, fogs eye, dusty miller, thief-of-the-night.
(at Baker Beach)

from selected poems (1930s) by langston hughes: 

on guard with the workers forever —
the world is our room! 

hughes testified before congress, being one of the proletarian writers of that time. read it here

also, something i wrote last year: for the workers: the poetry of muriel rukeyser

my name is my own my own my own / and i can’t tell you who the hell set things up like this / but i can tell you that from now on my resistance / my simple and daily and nightly self-determination / may very well cost you your life

from poem about my rights by june jordan 

we out here for the #bloodmoon (at Chabot Space & Science Center)

i’m ready for that blood moon tonight like a fish swimmin amidst emotional torrents and those psychic tides. catch me if you can. 

happy thai new year! #songkran (at Thai Temple)

saturday with gabriela sf: on peace negotiations, on the three basic problems of the philippines, on the struggle of women, on resistance, on revolution.

gabriela philippines // march 8, 2014

portraits of reconciliation

in many of these photos, there is little evident warmth between the pairs, and yet there they are, together. in each, the perpetrator is a hutu who was granted pardon by the tutsi survivor of the his crime.” 

got that extra long lumpia from lucky 37 in oakland!

peep their specials today: luckythreeseven.webs.com

sf shores 🌊 (at Baker Beach)

bánh fête happy. thank you @3bottledfish 😊

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