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from ‘steal like an artist’ by austinkleon.

pinays in the bay say hell nah to @barackobama! #usoutofaspac #aspacnot4sale (shouts to @mishlapi for this vid!) ✊

april 23, u.s. embassy (manila, philippines) 

as obama makes his way through asia, the message is loud and clear: the people will fight and resist u.s. imperialism! 

u.s. out of the asia-pacific region!

map by wislawa szymborska. sighing at this magnificence of verisimilitude & poetry.

the realest sign ever.

tonight i remembered that i live a block away from #lakemerritt (tonight i appreciate its quiet, its stillness). @rus_slumbeautiful (at Lake Merritt)

nature you so foine.

vanilla bean soft serve dipped in tcho dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt. twirl and dip food truck, by the de young museum.

part ii

part i

"the trouble is that many people believe that i’m a writer of fantastic fiction, when actually i’m a very realistic person and write what i believe is the true socialist realism." gabriel garcia marquez, the art of fiction no. 9

rest in peace, gabriel garcia marquez. i’ll never ever forget this: 

from one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite poets:

each time she reaches for her keys, she recalls what you must be willing to turn into for love: spiny oyster mushroom, damson, salt marsh, cedar, creosote, new bud of pomegranate, aegean sage blue sea, fig, blueberry, marigold, leaf fall, fogs eye, dusty miller, thief-of-the-night.
(at Baker Beach)

from selected poems (1930s) by langston hughes: 

on guard with the workers forever —
the world is our room! 

hughes testified before congress, being one of the proletarian writers of that time. read it here

also, something i wrote last year: for the workers: the poetry of muriel rukeyser

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